The 'S' Ring

So far this ring is the most wanted ring among my friends! They are the Suzuki Swift Owners, it is because the ring had the Suzuki logo on it with cubic zirconia. It really look nice on them, i have done 10 pcs of this ring. The price is about RM5xx (silver material white gold plated with cubic zirconia) depends on your size.

Teaching In Design Is Not That Easy

In order to create a good product, it must be start from a good design. However a good product must be done with a good workmanship. To get a good workmanship product, it must be done by a good product maker. And my job to educate Felda's Crafters in design basic to make my job easier to develop a product.

This design seminar was held in Felda Residence Port Dickson with 30 participants, all of them are Felda Craftpeople that participating in producing our products. Most of them are our senior citizen, why? maybe the only people in our country that intrested to fabricating handicraft products. But there are also new blood in this group that really passion ni making handcraft, they are from the graduates of Institut Kemahiran Negara (IKN), for me they are a good learner eventhough they didnt learn in depth about designing but they still have a design brain that could be polish.

Thats for the new generation crafter, but for the senior generations they are still classic mind of design, as example for them 'balance' is really need the same at the left and right, for them a product must be full with decoration, and most of the products are one in a million. Here to grow the market in malaysian's handicraft we need products that can be produce in volume in a production line, and these kind of products must be very simple and attractive, functional, and must keep the aesthetic value in it. The design must be up to date following the trend and also fashionable.
To upgrade their mind is a big job, we have to capture from the roots of them..sometimes we even need to learn their dialects, they come from all over part of our contry mostly from the village where their main activities is farming. From the situation here, we had created simple technics and visualization that physically understood and always stick in thier head. We cant simple give them from written from designing books, we have to play with psychology to educate them. Before that could happen, i have to study the human behavior psychology to scan their minds. For me teaching in design is need full mind and body control, not just for me but to control the whole subjects including the students.
As a youth in this country with knowledge and talent gifted, i would be very happy to share all of my experience in design to all off people that never stop learning in life. Its time to pay back to the nation, 'dont ask whut our country had provided to us, lets ask whut do we contribute to our nation' .And for me learning process will never ends. Hope to futher my Phd in designing after married.


Product of the Month for 2008

guys i designed this calendar of products that had been launched during the year at the pic to enlarge..