Perspective View Shop Layout

At the earliest post when fcendvsyu was appointed to create and develop one stop kiosk for FAMA, it continues to another project for FAMA which playing with bigger square feet. This time fcendvsyu designed a proposal 3 dimensional perspective view for a cafe style outlet of FAMA. This one stop outlet with cafe provided simple frying foods and cold drinks. The main objective is to sell FAMA's local producer foods products such as chips and frozen foods.
Here goes the same with FELDA, which prefered more stylish and comfy corner cafe, with the same intention to promote and market FELDA's local products and at the same time spreading information about Felda's products. This innovative idea sparked after our Prime Minister campaign to all government sectors to be more aggressive for the next 50 years of Malaysia.
However this impression was sketched by fcendvsyu as proposal, will see if both FELDA and FAMA realizing this into reality, and if it is yes let us support or local food producer like being one of the regular customer!
Until we meet again in the next post! Have a nice day!