A Taste Of Our Prime Minister Batik Design

Greetings to all viewers! and welcome to new followers of fcendvsyudesign! Thanks for supporting my design blog! In order to satisfy clients, squeezing designer's brain into pieces to create a great impact not only for our own satisfaction but for the viewers all over the country, news, and it will remain sticky in peoples mind and heart. Developing the batik design from above logo, given to me for last year event held in Putrajaya.Turning all over the globe to invent, sketch by sketch had been submitted and amended. This is the sample of the batik canting on silk fabric in all black with the Iktiraf stroke logo. The final color that had been chosen by our Prime Minister was orange and black.

Surprisingly when this batik become shirt it was so outstanding piece of batik in its own class. I can see the color reflects a bright glow and makes a refreshing feel to people that wear this design. All the VIPs looks so happy to wear fcendvsyu.

I always remind myself to design an impact that stick to peoples heart, and I guess this design with the colors create an impulse to bring the happiness and lively for the whole event, and I believe this design was successful. Until we meet again for the next update! and have a nice day!