Pewter Brooch

After a short visit to Felda Tenggaroh 4, I have collected some brooches that has potential to be market. The brooches had a great workmanship, and the prices are really good. It could be done in volume and the finishing will be in gold or silver plated. All the brooches were made by our metal production center in Tenggaroh.The first sample is the Butterfly Brooches, these butterflies had its own nice presentation. Above Butterfly Brooch is directly designed based from a butterfly, but below is more aesthetic of a butterfly value.Organic subject matter is a favorite of all, leave design is applied in almost all item in this world, however Leaves Brooch is one of the most sell able brooch.I had collected five kind of Leaves Brooches that had their own leaves value each.Below are the Flower Brooches.Those are two type of large flower brooch.Below are a Rose Brooch plated with gold. It is quite small and very nice. Collections of small Flower Brooches.The Hibiscus Brooch is symbolize as Malaysian Spirit, since hibiscus is the Malaysian National Flower. Rather than organic shape, this Violin Tie Clip plated with gold is very eye catching among all. This violin can also be done in brooch. However the Malay Old Brooch pattern, are also been re-done. Below are two old Malay kind of brooch design that had copied and re fabricated as to maintain the classic design.
All the brooch are some of nice collections that had been done. However we still can produce custom kind of brooches depend of customer request. Thanks again for visiting fcendvsyu design blog, will update more in the next post!