Landscape Workout For 'Hari Peneroka Felda 09'

After 7 weeks I left Felda Maokil with my landscape drawings, I put a hope that all my imaginations for the piece of land grew up as what I mention through the sketches. Finally when i arrived again in Felda Maokil on 5th July 09, I open my eyes for a very beautiful touch of arrangement on a piece of land here! I'm so glad that my first time landscaping idea had been successfully done in a very nice composition. The stepping stone that had been combine with stone pebbles, playing with white and grey stones enhancing a cool feel to this area. The small square pond size at 2x4 feet, made of poly tank then covered with wood framing. This is the most efficient small pond with low cost and less maintenance. Water circulation from a small 3 stage waterfall made of terracotta. Below is the view of the house from the outside.
The vegetables were compound in many kind, such as compositing natural stones colored in white as picture below.Some of the vegetables are composed as a 'Vege Sculpture' in a nice terracotta bowl. This idea was occurred by the Mr. Rosli Abu with his landscape crew.
A nice cabbage that arrange as the 'Vege Sculpture' standing in terracotta bowl and stand idea by Mr. Rosli Abu the landscape artist.
Wooden compound is used to raise up the land to grow the vegetables. This compound is so clean and really easy to manage the crops. My pergola idea to hang the vegetables is done nicely by the landscape crew, the even grew a bunch of chili surrounding the pergola area which is a nice combination.
Below is Mr. Rosli Abu the landscape artist is finishing the pebbles work before the launching day of the 'Hari Peneroka Felda 09'. He is a great landscaper and i really enjoy working with him. I really hope to cooperate more in landscaping with him after this and together we can through more ideas in landscape and create our own identity in landscaping every houses in Malaysia!
Our Prime Minister is so happy to visit the crops, picture below show the Prime Minister (centre) and his wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor (beside him), followed by Menteri Besar Johore and the Minister of Felda Ahmad Maslan.


July 8, 2009 at 9:01 AM Jamaludin said...

Good ideas...nice to see..
Thanks to our Pm for a better prospect of residence of Felda. And as for the designer, a compliment for you.

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