Custom Handbags DIY!

Today I would like to share with you guys how to make your own handbags! I will show you guys some simple steps and techniques that can be followed. This handbag had been done by me and my fiance with combining manmade and nature materials as Mengkuang' or known as 'Pandanus leaf', synthetic leather or known as vynil, 'Tie & Dye' fabric using 'batik' dye, strawboard as based material, and offcourse dunlop glue. Firstly glue the board surfaces all over and let it dry for a few minutes. Before that cut the board depend on whut size do u want your handbag to be.

Then glue also on the 'tie&dye' fabric (backside) to be paste on the board. You also can used any material as you like rather than using this handmade 'tie&dye'. Then stick both glued surfaces together (the 'tie&dye' with the glued board). Remember to wait untill both glued surface really dried before you paste it together.
And the result should be like this:
For this handbag i pasted a layer of vynil at the bottom of the bag for more durablity:
Next is to paste another piece of vynil on the left and the right of the bag (the hollow side). Always remember to put both surface with glue and wait untill it dried before sticking it together.
And the result should be like this:

Now its time to make the accessories for this bag. Im using a piece of 'Mengkuang' woven and make it into belts: fold both side and glued it together:

After making the 'mengkuang' belt, i paste it onto the bag as shown below, always remember to glue both side of the material and wait untill it really dried before sticking it together.

Then to make this bag more intresting, I decided to paste another layer of 'mengkuang' at the bottom of the bag.

Cut the remnnence and fold the end properly.

You can add any accessories for your bag such as studded, zip, buttons, anything that u wish! Now the bag is ready to use or for runaway acessory! Thats all for today, Gud luck and happy trying!


December 7, 2011 at 8:04 PM missywawan said...

very talented u r..sgt cantik

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