'Pucuk Rebung Motif'

'Pucuk Rebung' is an original Malay motif that had been used for long time ago and still applying it as a traditional Malay Motif. 'Pucuk Rebung' is a fauna motif that influence by the 'Rebung' which is known as bamboo shoots. Bamboo shoots are the edible shoots (new bamboo culms that come out of the ground) of bamboo species Bambusa vulgaris and Phyllostachys edulis. They are used in numerous Malay dishes and broths. Below are some close up of a bamboo shoots.'Pucuk Rebung' motif is very famous in songket making, a lot of songket makers use 'Pucuk Rebung' as their trade marks in designing songket textile.Various kind of 'Pucuk Rebung' motif can be found in songket pattern, but as you can see the motifs are specifically in a triangle shape. What ever the designer ideas to create a 'Pucuk Rebung' motif it must be in a triangle. Below is the picture of 'Rebung Tower' which one off unique building in Kuala Lumpur that influence by the 'Pucuk Rebung'. Building with 55 floors with 310 meter (1017ft) high, represent the sprouting of the bamboo shoot and this TM tower located at the side of Federal Highway Kuala Lumpur. From textile, foods and even architecture influencing 'Pucuk Rebung' as the main attractive create an idea for me to apply 'Pucuk Rebung' in my designs. This 'Pucuk Rebung' motif was actually combination of two pucuk rebung, from a triangle now in a diamond shape of pucuk rebung motif. From this design, we had applied it on many kind of products in Felda Crafts products.Designer Hafiz lately had applied it on a plain shirt, i think it this shirt is really cool enough to representing Malaysia in a new way. The 'Pucuk Rebung' printed on it will explain everything.My favorite is to embroid 'Pucuk Rebung' cushions, small and big size, playing with apple green and sometimes purple. This is an idea to represent the traditional in a more modern living style.We also produce red pucuk rebung bed sheets.After tired with the fabrics I intend to move to other material like glass, now let see the effect when I applied the motif on a glass bowl. It was sandblasted by Mr. Shamsudin from Felda Sg.Sibol Glass Production.
The Glass table design by me. The latest in the lane is printed black and white umbrella designed by Hafiz! We don't say that traditional is so yesterday, but our mission is to bring traditional into international market that suite younger taste so that generations can know traditional motif as well in the modern years of future design. Its like the famous Malay words, 'Melentur Buluh Biar Dari Rebungnya', which means that to create a good or better future, we must do it from the root.


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Thanks for sharing.. Kalau anda mau tahu lebih banyak tentang ragam motif batik yang ada di Indonesia, anda bisa mendownlod E-Book dari Fitinline..

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