Electra Blue for Urban Concept Karaoke

Big impact from L.E.D. usage completing designing job for URBAN Karaoke. It's whole concept designed by Fcendvsyu design team, guided by it's owner Mr. Solih Toha. This family karaoke owner is a success entrepreneur that also owned a famous restraunt in Plaza Damas named Daun Cafe.
Urban Karaoke is also located at Plaza Damas which was the previous Daun's place, now Daun Cafe had moved to a better location also in Plaza Damas.
 Above is the earliest layout plan in 3 dimensional  view for Urban, however minor changes done by Mr. Solih and fcendvsyu design team after measuring exact on the site. All changes done purposely after considering all possibilities and space usage. Below was the front facade of Urban at Plaza Damas.

 Playing with minimal basic colors such as warm grey for the interior suggested by fcendvsyu design team for Urban's receptionist and waiting area. Adding colors only using L.E.D.s playing with electra blue.

 The 4 feet pathway early design below suggested by our team was a little bit too much.

 Reducing the design will help reducing the time frame for completing this karaoke and also reducing the cost. Below is the final 3 dimensional illustration view with straight L.E.D. strips at the plaster ceiling. 

 Below pictures show the progress work, as you can see the tiles are 2x2 foot side by side polished finish choose by the owner himself. It is a good choice because technically saves a lot of construction time when cutting the tiles is unnecessary.

 The VIP room for Urban is so spacious. The above 3 Dimensional illustration was slightly change, a big projector screen added between those 52 inch led tv.
 The ceiling that we design was greatly done by the contractors exactly as the illustration.

 This is the wall looks before the signage was installed.
 Urban Karaoke is still under construction and will be operating soon by next month. Bring your family to Urban Karaoke at Plaza Damas Kuala Lumpur, this karaoke offers a great sing along experience with high quality sound system from JBL. Thanks for the new followers of Fcendvsyu Design and also thanks for all our client out there! Untill we meet again. Bye


Color Contrast Combination 2012

Last December 2012, fcendvsyu design manage to create a double deck pavilion for Satu Daerah Satu Industri (SDSI). As yearly job, this year we decided to combine contrast color for this special pavilion.

 From our original design plan, we combine red, green and gold, and play with stripes in red. The space given to build this pavilion is 18 x 12 meters. So we start doing design and hopefully this large space will become great impact.

Starting from 12.00 in the afternoon, they started standing this pavilion. However this metal structure was built separately earlier and only assembling job were done at this site. This is the same metal structure that been use for concrete buildings. It is to ensure this deck will stand strongly with more than 20 people on top of it.

 After twelve hours of working, this pavilion stands almost complete. 

To ensure the color match with the design was not an easy job. The first paint layer was not exactly the same as in the design, but our technical manager says the color will be exactly the same after 3 layers of paint finished and dry. So we wait and see after all layers were applied, and when it dry it really become as the same as in the design.

Finally this pavilion done in 24 hours!

The stairs with green and red lining carpet.

At the top of the deck where a cafe style with seating arranged. We use an artificial grass carpet for this area.

This double deck setting pavilion is became a big attention to all visitor at this event. Especially photographers that searching for different perspective from higher side of view. This design is quite tricky to build, but as a designer we are having fun solving all the problems until it can stand. Thanks again to all viewers of Fcendvsyu design blog! Hello to 2013! wishing this year will gain a lot more satisfaction in designing! Bye!