Real Time Simulator as new media for Marketing Tools

Its kinda hard for a Marketing Team at any segment of industry or selling products, to convince potential buyer to buy any products that their sells. It is even harder for SIRIM to sell their technology to their buyers when most of the buyers could not visit their plant. The idea pops when SIRIM people came to fcendvsyu last year, telling us this matter. It is even more impossible for them to bring their machinery and whole plant as a showcase for any exhibition involved inside or outside Malaysia.

After a session with the their team, we suggested to bring the whole technology into a simulation in 3D as their marketing tool. With this game technology, we have created the whole plant environment into a real simulator. We built their machines and characters from mesh until the whole situation became realistic.

The most difficult part of this project was the coordination of the whole process. There are several machines that can be use with different process to make four different types of end products. User of this program can use all the machines as if they are using the real machine at the plant. This realistic concept creates this tool more interesting.

The user have to go through the real standard operating procedure as at the laboratory.

The above figure is a Mixer Machine before and after rendering process.

Mixing process using two kind of mixer machine. We have to measure all the machine exactly as the real size. 

The actual environment of the lab. User can experience the whole lab by using this program.

The whole process to complete this project took us about four months. After a few discussion the team finalized  everything and we proceed to dubbing the narrator voice over and background sound in a studio lab. The end product of this Real Time Simulation Software become a CD with complete installer and instructions. Fcendvsyu Design now come to another level in design technology, with this capability we are very confident to welcome any agencies or government body that need this technology to promote or as a part of their marketing tools. Until we meet again! thx for viewing fcendvsyudesign.