the Songket Jewelry

The Songket Jewelry invented by me in in the year 2005 , when i was doing my Masters in Design Technology. Songket Jewelry is my thesis project that supervised by Prof. Mohainee Khalid. A lot of idea that had been thrown by her to help me in advancing and developing new subject in world of jewelry, which combing new material in fabricating jewelry.

Songket is a herritage fabric in Malay's history, the art of making Songket fabric is very deep from the way it being weaved. Songket is a fabric that used to be the official fabric among Royal Families of Malay Kingdom, it is very expansive and the quality is very fine. At another word 'Songket is as good as gold'. Thats makes me use this 'gold fabric' to fabricate jewelry.

However to create a Songket Jewelry need a lot of experimental in techniques. This fabric is not suitable in cleaning process of normal jewelry that need to be heated, no jointing process (soldering) can be done to combing metal and fabric.

From my research one of the best way is using resin, the effect of shining resin will enhance the gold threads of this fabric. Resin will hardened this fabric and makes easier to handle. The copper wire was coiled arround the songket end, and also arround the pearl bead makes this 'Songket Pendant' looks more intresting.

Untill now i did manage to develop more design of 'Songket Jewelry' depends from my customer's request. It's kind a hard to get Songket material since it is very expansive, but it is better if i could find reminence of songket from tailor that making songket dress for Malay wedding or others.

If you wish to own this 'Songket Pendant', please contact me for further information. Custom made is also can be done.


February 8, 2009 at 1:36 AM marjan said...

Nice blog. It would be cool if we can create a "pop culture" instead of sibuk2 pakai raw carbon fibre pattern as car hood.. pakai songket plak... fuh... confrim meletup nama mesia... silap hari bulan boleh dapat datuk ship dowh...

February 8, 2009 at 9:53 PM fcendvsyu77 said...

songket is also a fibre material. tapi if wanna use songket at industrial products such as car hood...i dont think its suitable! haha..
anyway thx fo browsing here bro..eheh

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