'Felda Pavillion for IKTIRAF Youth Programme'

'The Best Land for The Best People' was said by Malaysia's 2nd Prime Minister, Tun Abdul Razak, quoted from the book titled 'Raja Muhammad Alias, The Architech of Felda'. Inspired me to design this Felda pavilion booth for the IKTIRAF programme. 'Ikatan Hati Warga Felda' or stands for 'IKTIRAF' is a youth programme organized by SERANTA FELDA, cooperate with UiTM and FELDA generates the new wave of the young generations of Felda. As usual my job is to create Felda booth and ensure that the information delivered.This event was held in UiTM Shah Alam on the 18th - 20th December 2009, As usual me and my team spend the whole night there to decorate. Below is the picture of Nazrin helping me arranging the setting of Felda products and informative artifacts.Below is Hafiz Razak arranging the centre decoration. The concept of this informative booth is to deliver the concept of 'Felda Past, Present, and Future'. So we manage to set up an area to display the artifacts accordingly.This is the wall poster that I designed to show the public of the current Felda comparing the past black and white poster. Both posters were blow up and pasted on the wall as picture below. Below is Malaysia's Prime Minister looking at the poster that designed by me.This is the model of the Felda Tower, it had been launched last year and scheduled to be ready on 2014. Felda Tower is build near The Twin Towers and named as 'The Platinum Park' in cooperated with Naza Properties. In order to display the 'Future of Felda' we decided to take out this beautiful mock up and for the first time to be viewed to public.Other than that, Feldajaya Housing models also displayed. And below is a close up of the 'Perumahan Warga Peneroka' that will be construct soon in Felda lands. The difference of this booth from previous booth, that we presenting our designed Tenun Chini product in fashion show. My wife coordinates this fashion show teaching catwalk for non professional models which is from Felda staff. This is the rehearsal for them, all 13 models were dressed in Tenun Chini and walk in the runaways. This couple wearing a set of traditional Malay wedding suit made of Tenun Chini fabric. Behind the curtain Roshidi helping Mustaza (the model) wearing the songket. Above is before and below is after.Finally this event came to the finishing, everyone was happy with the show, and I was very happy of the feedback. Thinking forward next idea to present to the Prime Minister. See you guys again soon and thousand of thanks for supporting my blog!


'3D Perspective For Warisan Borong Concept Store'

When a person came to me last month, he requested me to do the presentation work for him to restructure an 11,200 square feet area in an old shopping mall in Bukit Bintang, I intend to do the best for him during the minimal period of time that he provided. As a 3 dimensional job is not and easy thing to be done, I work it out night and day to full fill his need. Below is the current situation of the floor in this shopping mall. This shop lots will be reconstruct to the 'Warisan Borong' concept store. 'Warisan Borong' is a big producer and supplier of Malaysian wooden crafts and furniture products, you guys can visit 'Warisan Borong' at www.warisanborong.com .Their concept is to maintain the wooden style and antiques. Below is the picture of the entrance of this floor.He requested me to maintain their concept and built and wooden arch at the entrance, from their explanation for this area, I create this perspective of view for him.At the centre of this huge floor, he also requested me to sketch a beverages kiosk, from warisan borong concept i design this square kiosk island. However this was at the stage of a designers perspective view, the exact measurements will be done by the contractor after this concept and design proposal is completed.
Below is the view from the outside through the entrance of the floor.
The unique of this floor when I was requested to draw a stage, this stage will be located in front of the entrance of this floor. It must be really cool when people walk around and shopping while activities like traditional dances or shows concurrently held during the business hour. However, to realize this paperwork need a good contractor to construct. Finally I would like to wish him good luck for the presentation and thanks for the job and really happy to work with 'Warisan Borong'.


'One Malaysia' Tie Design

Back to work after a month of rest, this task was given to me to design a 'One Malaysia' tie. Malaysia's Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib has officially launch this campaign all over the country to burn the nationality spirit to unite as ONE family. This sparked the idea to design products and souvenir from '1Malaysia' logo. The 'One Malaysia' tie is a perspective of idea that maybe can be produce as an official item for this campaign.
The first set that i had illustrated was quite near with the '1Malaysia' logo, which combining 'Jalur Gemilang' (Malaysia's Flag) and the numb '1'. The colors that had been used which is red, blue, yellow and white are the colors of 'Jalur Gemilang'.

So I manage to wide up a little bit of ideas to try not to use the color of Malaysia's Flag and less the use of the '1Malaysia' logo. Above are the second set of 'One Malaysia' tie design that quite simple comparing the first one.

After all the third design will be the most suitable of all on my opinion, since this set was nicely blend the '1Malaysia' logo with the suitable color from 'Jalur Gemilang', and off course a nice composition with simple statement. As easier for the production side to produce with less production cost. Last but not lease I'm not sure if any of us would like to purchase and wear this tie to work...anyone?


Designer's Wedding

Our wedding ceremony was held on the 10th October 2009. It was done in Seremban Negeri Sembilan which is at my wife family's house. I named this ceremony as the 'Designer's Wedding' as we both were designers and the most interesting when the important part of the wedding is designed and done by both of us (me and my wife). Even the invitation card was designed by us and we had cut and paste 1500 pcs of this invitation card!Other than that, in Malay, we have wedding gifts which is to be gift to both part. Husband will gift to hes wife and vice verse. Normally the wife will return her gift to the husband extra of two gifts. Below is a set of make up the i gift to her, we design our own platform and also the decoration and arrangement for all the gifts set.First off all we choose the material that suits the color of our wedding concept which is white, pink and silver. She choose the nice quilt fabric that had a layer of sponge inside, it was really nice fabric.All the boxes were done by us together. We even used house wall paper for this platform boxes.
Below is the 'Sirih Junjung' that had done by us.

Below is the display for our wedding ring also done by us.The close up of the ring.her gifts to me was gold range of color, the platform was covered with Burrberry's checkers design material as i'm a fan of Burrberry.Below is the perfume set.This is the set for my office attire.And this one is for casual attire.Below are some other display that i gave to her handbags and clutch.Patchi chocolate that she gave to me.And off course the Quran exclusively for her.But that was not the end of the story, behind the scene of the beautiful ceremony, we had a great experience in doing our own wedding setting which is called 'pelamin' in Malay. 'Pelamin' is where both bride and bridegroom sit together and wait to be blessed by all the family members.We had designed and done it by our own. The reason was we really wanted our own touch for our wedding setting. Only ourselves can satisfied both of us. We create a simple wedding setting that we can make us easy to handle it. We bought all the needed material like organza, sponge, paint and others. The wooden part we design and measure and let the carpenter built based from our drawing, then our job is the finishing of it. The sponge were pasted on the plywood panel to create the spongy effect.Then it was covered with a thick silky fabric that stretch at every corners.Then we make a marking for to put on the studded.Then make a hole using drill to tied the studded from behind.Here goes the chrome studded tied from behind the panel wood.Now you can see the ready panel with nine chrome studds on it. on the top of this wedding setting, we had a metal rail that done by the metal guy. I measure this metal rail and illustrate for him and this is the result. What we going to do is a flow of fabric draped from the rail to the centre of it.It was not an easy job, we ended up draping at 4.30 am!and the final touch.Below you can see before the setting is done.and after it was done perfectly.This synthetic flower was arrange by us in a tall glass tube vase the we bought.This bench was originally in black color, we then sew up the cover that made of white vinyl and cover up another layer off synthetic white fur. It was really hard to find white vinyl bench here.This chandelier was also not in white, we decided to repaint ourselves this chandelier and bought crystals and hang it up to enhance this chandelier. Now it looks nicer!The red carpet was in pink. We bought 12 metres long pink carpet and decided to spread up synthetic flower petals along it. Here goes cutting the flower and paste it on.the pink carpet was done before the setting.Theres a lot more minor arrangement that had done by us. The reason to do by our own was we really wanted the people who came to feel our own touch. Only ourselves will satisfy us, and this is the only moment for us to use our own ideas and creativity for people to appreciate it.Finally the ceremony was really happening and successful! all the crowd were really happy, i can see they really appreciate our design and touch! Below is the picture of a well known Malaysian fashion designer Datuk Tom Abang Saufi, she was really happy to see our workmanship. And we really like to thank her, and also to my fellow designers friends and all the people that came to our wedding.and for those who planned to have a great wedding in future, we can design for your wedding to be special elegant wedding! do contact me via fcendvsy@yahoo.com. Thanks for visiting us here and wishing you guys all the best! Bye and see you in my next post.