Behind The Scene of MIFA 2011

This year Malaysia International Fashion Week MIFA 2011 presenting Malaysian big names in fashion industry. Tom Abang Saufi, Amir Luqman, Jovian Mandagie, and other Malaysian fashion players participated MIFA 2011.From behind the scene of MIFA 2011, Fcendvsyu Design plays a big role by representing for Pink Jambu. My wife consulting for Pink Jambu to cross over the runaway for Islamic Fashion Show MIFA 2011.

Islamic fashion is a growing trend in Middle East as well as in Malaysia. Headgear style for Muslim ladies with modern application for their falls, makes Islamic Fashion stands in the same row with other fashion style in the world.

It is not a reason for today Muslim for not to have a style. Even with hijjab, a Muslim still can be different and outstanding. For her, to create a new trend for wearing hijjab as a style for these models was not an easy job.

Using pins, tarbush, and combination of fabric to create such a focal point for a headgear.Her passion to style model became a great memorable experience for this year Islamic Fashion Show MIFA.

These outfit is ready to wear from Pink Jambu Collection, and from collaboration of Pink Jambu Team and Fcendvsyu Design doing the styling job for participating this event.Mix and match from line of latest collection of Pink Jambu.With a level of taste open the eyes of all Islamic Fashion user in Malaysia that urban lady Muslim also can have own style in daily wear. Not only on runaway, but also in walkways. Thanks for following Fcendvsyu Design, hope to see you guys in next MIFA 2012. Have a nice day!