Behind The Scene of MIFA 2011

This year Malaysia International Fashion Week MIFA 2011 presenting Malaysian big names in fashion industry. Tom Abang Saufi, Amir Luqman, Jovian Mandagie, and other Malaysian fashion players participated MIFA 2011.From behind the scene of MIFA 2011, Fcendvsyu Design plays a big role by representing for Pink Jambu. My wife consulting for Pink Jambu to cross over the runaway for Islamic Fashion Show MIFA 2011.

Islamic fashion is a growing trend in Middle East as well as in Malaysia. Headgear style for Muslim ladies with modern application for their falls, makes Islamic Fashion stands in the same row with other fashion style in the world.

It is not a reason for today Muslim for not to have a style. Even with hijjab, a Muslim still can be different and outstanding. For her, to create a new trend for wearing hijjab as a style for these models was not an easy job.

Using pins, tarbush, and combination of fabric to create such a focal point for a headgear.Her passion to style model became a great memorable experience for this year Islamic Fashion Show MIFA.

These outfit is ready to wear from Pink Jambu Collection, and from collaboration of Pink Jambu Team and Fcendvsyu Design doing the styling job for participating this event.Mix and match from line of latest collection of Pink Jambu.With a level of taste open the eyes of all Islamic Fashion user in Malaysia that urban lady Muslim also can have own style in daily wear. Not only on runaway, but also in walkways. Thanks for following Fcendvsyu Design, hope to see you guys in next MIFA 2012. Have a nice day!


Corporate Songket From Local Machine

After years searching for machine songket producer all over asia, finally this research comes into a happy ending. For the first time in Malaysia this machine produced pieces of machinemade songket with complete operationing team. Above is the picture of colored threads, it is as the same process as traditional method in making songket. Previously this machine had been brought in by Kraftangan in Terengganu, but from what I could see it has been left without any use. They said that they need special (proffessional) operators for it. Yes offcourse every machine need narrow specialize operator.This machine has been imported for our producer in Felda Chini, and finally Felda created a production of songket and tenun fabric here. As the same old process the threads will be sorted in the sorting machine before inserted to the machine. Why machine? Why dont we keep the originality of handmade? These questions lead me to this reseach when a client wants me to create a songket for a special gift which has the client's own identity. How could I find a production with minimal of cost, without going out off Malaysia that can produced a special design songket (with company logo on it) and produce in big number of quantity? Below is the picture of the threads being pulled in the machine slot.We seldom offered to design special songket and fabric with company logo for gifts, however we always failed when it come to production. The process stop of this limited sources in our country, when we outsource the price will be rediculous for our client. Above is the full view of the machine, operated by one operator for each machine.The design was done earlier in the computer using graphic software. Then the design will be transfered into blocks as below.One of the operator is operating the machine.

This machine can produce approximate 20 meters for 24 hours operating, comparing the manual machine will produce 20 meters for 30 days of operating.It can produce in various colors and specifications depends on clients requests. And the price can be as low as rm250 per piece. Cost and effectiveness always come first in today and future products. Offcourse the originality of Handmade will remain. We must always respect our herritage originality and never left it behind, however to sustain our herritage, I think this is the best way to compete in the future market. Let us support our Songket to a new life in a better solution for the future.


A Taste Of Our Prime Minister Batik Design

Greetings to all viewers! and welcome to new followers of fcendvsyudesign! Thanks for supporting my design blog! In order to satisfy clients, squeezing designer's brain into pieces to create a great impact not only for our own satisfaction but for the viewers all over the country, news, and it will remain sticky in peoples mind and heart. Developing the batik design from above logo, given to me for last year event held in Putrajaya.Turning all over the globe to invent, sketch by sketch had been submitted and amended. This is the sample of the batik canting on silk fabric in all black with the Iktiraf stroke logo. The final color that had been chosen by our Prime Minister was orange and black.

Surprisingly when this batik become shirt it was so outstanding piece of batik in its own class. I can see the color reflects a bright glow and makes a refreshing feel to people that wear this design. All the VIPs looks so happy to wear fcendvsyu.

I always remind myself to design an impact that stick to peoples heart, and I guess this design with the colors create an impulse to bring the happiness and lively for the whole event, and I believe this design was successful. Until we meet again for the next update! and have a nice day!


Figure Hand Sketch

I love to see hows it grows, the flair of her sketch strokes makes me feels like the clock are stop clicking.
When any client tells her whats in their mind of what and how, i just smile and see she visualizing it very quick. And that give me an idea to grab my camera and make a shoot.
Her touch on the figure detailing out the face area, i love the hair falls, and every time she had a figure it would never be with the same hair.
I would say this one was an unfinished hand sketch, playing with the quality of line and with minimal color added, its like a lazy sketch but for me it is so interesting. And this is how fashion designer really makes money!