'Kiosk Design For FAMA'

This small 8x10 feet kiosk was designed by me last December, and had start operating on 1st January 2010. This design was requested for FAMA to be install in Tesco Ipoh. So I did a sketch for them and submitted to be approved.
Below is the computer 3D sketch for this small kiosk.
Below is the overall elevation for FAMA kiosk.
Below is the plan drawing.
Once approved the production can start building structure.
Below is the curved glass shelve that finished.
From behind you can see the curve door panel for the shelve.
Below is the behind counter area.
Below is the straight long glass shelve from the left view.

Finally this mini kiosk for FAMA done perfectly on the date, every parties satisfied with my design with perfect practicality. This is the first pilot project for FAMA done in TESCO Ipoh, and soon will be done at all hypermarkets all over Malaysia. Anyway thanks guys for supporting fcendvsyu design blog, wishing all a Happy New Year!