Craft Gallery

This craft gallery named 'Modern Malaysian Craft Gallery by FELDA'.. here we display and sell all the handicraft products that design by me, Hafiz and Nazren. Untill now we have 151 range of products with 636 items that had been developed and sell at this gallery. However these products were all been made by Felda craft people as their non-farm activities, as we all know that Felda main activity is farming.

I designed this gallery layout on July 2005, which partly displaying home deco concept products that based from it function wheather in bedroom, dining, bathroom, and also displaying for high end products area as songket and tenun.
This is the bedroom area display, which i choose to use black as the main color, as i manage to design a set of red bedsheet with 'Pucuk Rebung' embroided pattern on it, this set comes with a bed spread, bed cover, 2 pillow cover. Additional accessory as cushion cover, cushion and bed runner sold saparately.

The wooden bed was designed by me and being done in Felda Kemahang, Kelantan by a wood crafter, it was made from solid wood and the bed panel was carved with bamboo pattern. Both left and right table lamp is made from pebbles stones coverd by resin which is made in Felda Jengka, Pahang by our resin crafter. Those three rounded mirror had 'Pucuk Rebung' carved arround it, and it is made by our glass & mirror crafter in Felda Sg. Sibol, Johore and designed by me.
Most of the umbrella was designed by Hafiz, we have a wooden umbrella that sells at RM36. This is the display area for the umbrella that i designed.
We designed these rattan products with variety of catchy colors as yellow, orange, apple green, so that consumer would not be boring with dull colors or usually rattan were uncolored. Our rattan were designed with modern shapes and unique kind of weaving patterns. However this section for rattan products i designed it to fit all rattan products in a section, since rattan products were the most many items. We have rattan tray, rattan fruit bowl, rattan food cover, and rattan laundry basket.

The dining area that i designed is and open island concept, with solid wood dining table. On the table is embroided 'Pucuk Rebung' pattern tableware which comes with table runner, coasters, platemat. Those standings are wooded candle holder which made from our wood crafter in Felda Laka Selatan somewhere in Alor Star, Kedah, the same person of the wooden table maker. And the apples that placed in the rattan friut bowl is made of wood from our wood maker in Kuantan.

This is an open concept display for our bathroom area, the mission is to show the function of the products displayed bathroom set products such as soapdish, soap dispenser, toothbrush holder, tissue box. All the bathroom set display was made from resin and rubber leaf, and on the upper side displayed a rounded 'Pucuk Rebung' carved wall mirror suitable for bathroom use.

Finally if you guys intrested to come, u guys can contact me, or go straight to the National Craft Complex in Jalan Conlay Kuala Lumpur. See you there!


The Bamboo Bathroom Set

Me and my crew Hafiz & Nazren, design and developed 'The Bamboo Bathroom Set' first when we started in December 2005. The idea came when we visited one of our craft production center in Lurah Bilut, Pahang. At that moment we never know that is not that easy in developing products. Not as simple as drawing on paper.
Above Picture shows a row of bamboos that leaned at the workshop wall

After years we discovered that a lot of elements have to be considered in developing handmade products especially when dealing with natural material as bamboo. Bamboo is a very sensitive material, it cant simply being used without any treatment that must be done to prevent termites.

Above picture shows one of the bamboo production worker cleaning a bamboo's skin using blades.
Is tricky when comes to combination of materials, bamboo+metal. The first step is to try and error all materials that had been collected. In mass prodduction we also have to think bout the parts supplier and pricing.

We decided to make soap dish, tissue holder, toothbrush holder, canister, and soap dispenser.
After almolst a year of research and development this prototype (unfinish product) came out.

Under: Rio Helmi, a photographer from indonesia snapping the bamboo products for the 'Modern Malaysian' handicraft book.
The final touch of the Bamboo Bathroom Set came with a wooden box, this item is suitable for gifts, however until now this product is still cant be sell, because after a year of testing, the product will be attack by termites, they will eat the inner side of the bamboo and the bamboo dust will came out from the product!. Thats a bad reputation for the producer/seller. In the meantime one of the designer Nazren just back from Oita Japan learned about bamboo and producing bamboo products. I really hope he could clear all the problems that occured.


The Engagement Ring

This is an engagement ring, it is made of white gold, and arround it covered with rounded 2.5mm (rose cut) diamonds. However it can be done in any materials such as sterling silver or even 24k gold.

this ring will cost at only RM550 with Sterling Silver with White Gold plated, and cubic zirconium.


the Songket Jewelry

The Songket Jewelry invented by me in in the year 2005 , when i was doing my Masters in Design Technology. Songket Jewelry is my thesis project that supervised by Prof. Mohainee Khalid. A lot of idea that had been thrown by her to help me in advancing and developing new subject in world of jewelry, which combing new material in fabricating jewelry.

Songket is a herritage fabric in Malay's history, the art of making Songket fabric is very deep from the way it being weaved. Songket is a fabric that used to be the official fabric among Royal Families of Malay Kingdom, it is very expansive and the quality is very fine. At another word 'Songket is as good as gold'. Thats makes me use this 'gold fabric' to fabricate jewelry.

However to create a Songket Jewelry need a lot of experimental in techniques. This fabric is not suitable in cleaning process of normal jewelry that need to be heated, no jointing process (soldering) can be done to combing metal and fabric.

From my research one of the best way is using resin, the effect of shining resin will enhance the gold threads of this fabric. Resin will hardened this fabric and makes easier to handle. The copper wire was coiled arround the songket end, and also arround the pearl bead makes this 'Songket Pendant' looks more intresting.

Untill now i did manage to develop more design of 'Songket Jewelry' depends from my customer's request. It's kind a hard to get Songket material since it is very expansive, but it is better if i could find reminence of songket from tailor that making songket dress for Malay wedding or others.

If you wish to own this 'Songket Pendant', please contact me for further information. Custom made is also can be done.


Welcome to Fcendvsyu Design!..
introducing myself as Fcendvsyu (its up to ur tounge to pronounce)..
currently working as a government designer..

whut do i do?
I'm designing everything like under the sun! ..from graphic works as book cover, backdrops, banners, buntings.. interiors designing for roadshows as booth and pavilions.. outlets deco and shop layouts (display artist).. and developing local handmade products using materials such as mengkuang/pandanus leaf, songket & tenun pahang (malay traditional fabric), pebbles, wood, and any materials that can be done into handmade products (product developer job)..

where do i come from?
My basic is a jewelry designer..and im really into jewelry designing!..i love to create and fabricating jewelry to be sell! most of my designs are modern jewelry..and my design will be based from the owner/buyer taste..i consult people that want to have their own special jewelry..that will never have in shops..and the most interesting..i can combine materials like songket + silver/metal = Songket that's my own formula to be different in the market..

My intention is to share with u guys out there no matter that ur a designer or not..anything that i do and design!..hope u guys enjoy here and willing to share experience with me! yeahhoo!