Developing Premium Pewter Tableware Set

The task of developing a premium product is not consider done yet until I manage to complete the set with the packaging. This premium set of tissue box, coaster, and napkin holder comes with a premium wooden packaging with a smooth suede finishing inside.To fit in these 3 items (coaster, tissue box, and napkin holder) in a box for a set of 12 pieces is a really tricky job although it looks very simple. First thing that I decide is to hands on the task to the right producer with the right job. The wooden box is made by our wooden maker in Felda Kemahang Kelantan which the measurements given by me, and the compartment inside was done by me and covered by our fabric and box production in Felda Trolak Selatan Perak.Basically at least 3 craft productions participate for the developing of this premium set, this pewter tissue box (up) and this pewter napkin holder (below) and also pewter coaster was made by our metal production in Felda Tenggaroh 4 Johore, all items was plated in gold and also silver.
All the items are 1 pieces of pewter tissue box, 12 pieces of pewter coaster, and 12 pieces of pewter napkin holder, comes with a wooden carved box with compartment inside that covered with suede finishing. After I decide the arrangment for all items, I cut a board to make the actual tempelate.Below is the picture of the actual tempelate made of 2mm mounting board that had perfectly cut.Then I put it on a piece of 2cm polysterine as below.Next the polysterine was cut using the electric cutter following the tempelate.Until I get the same size of the actual tempelate as below.I double up the polysterine to 4cm and fit in the items as the picture below.
Then the polysterine was send to the production to be covered with suede.At the same time I purposely send the same measurement to the other production in Kelantan to make the wooden box to fit in the polysterine.When both production done, I simply fit in the polysterine into the wooden box.
Now the box is ready with compartments to fit in the coasters and all items.I purposely arrage 8 pieces of the napkin holder to be standing, and 4 pieces of it stay lying in order to control the size of the whole box, otherwise the box will be too big and it might be very heavy, in this matter of developing products all subject must be count in, the total weight, the size, practicallity, and offcourse the cost.Finally I fit in the tissue box neatly.
Thats it, this Premium Pewter Tableware set is ready. This premium item was purposely design for gifts at any occasion for the VVIP, latety one set of it was given to the Sultanah of Johore during the visit of 'Kembara Mahkota Johor' in Felda Kledang, Johore Bahru Region.
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