'3D Perspective For Warisan Borong Concept Store'

When a person came to me last month, he requested me to do the presentation work for him to restructure an 11,200 square feet area in an old shopping mall in Bukit Bintang, I intend to do the best for him during the minimal period of time that he provided. As a 3 dimensional job is not and easy thing to be done, I work it out night and day to full fill his need. Below is the current situation of the floor in this shopping mall. This shop lots will be reconstruct to the 'Warisan Borong' concept store. 'Warisan Borong' is a big producer and supplier of Malaysian wooden crafts and furniture products, you guys can visit 'Warisan Borong' at www.warisanborong.com .Their concept is to maintain the wooden style and antiques. Below is the picture of the entrance of this floor.He requested me to maintain their concept and built and wooden arch at the entrance, from their explanation for this area, I create this perspective of view for him.At the centre of this huge floor, he also requested me to sketch a beverages kiosk, from warisan borong concept i design this square kiosk island. However this was at the stage of a designers perspective view, the exact measurements will be done by the contractor after this concept and design proposal is completed.

Below is the view from the outside through the entrance of the floor.
The unique of this floor when I was requested to draw a stage, this stage will be located in front of the entrance of this floor. It must be really cool when people walk around and shopping while activities like traditional dances or shows concurrently held during the business hour. However, to realize this paperwork need a good contractor to construct. Finally I would like to wish him good luck for the presentation and thanks for the job and really happy to work with 'Warisan Borong'.


January 15, 2010 at 8:35 AM freda2jh said...

Nice design..Good work..Congratulation to fcendvsyudesign..Keep up with more unique ideas in future...

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