The Prime Minister's Ideology Transforming Felda's Craftpeople

On every 7th Julai at every year, Felda organizing the 'Settlers Day'. It is the most important yearly event for Felda. This convention participating international delegates and also among all Felda settlers.
My Job is to create a display that shows the future of handicrafts products that made by Felda settlers. This task is a phsycologic game for me to answer the point of the main idea of our former Deputy Prime Minister (now our new PM) Datuk Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak.
His idea, and im the realizer. So i create a concept of future display for this showcase with minimal budget, and the concept is garden living open space with the tag 'Modern Living'.

The garden living opens up people mind from stereotype living in a hallroom! lets get out from the hall and enjoy our living in a friendly eco lifestyle!
He always comment about the umbrella.
Before and after!
The garden dining setting
its time to sleep with the lavender bed set! with the etchic modern rattan bed.
down; my fiance helping to draping the net. Garden Spa
From the hall of Putrajaya International Convention Center
the Designer team that solves all the problems! me, hafiz razak, ahmad nazren.
A true designer is the one who done the problem solving. By Designing, a problem could be solve or can make things easier. A true designer should can solve every designing problems dosent matter in whut type of it looks alike, from wood to stone, from organic to cubic, from original to synthetic, its a job for EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN!


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