House Renovation In Progress

Hye Guys! its been a while i didn't update here, my schedule is kinda tight this month, preparing for the coming 'Wellness Industry' exhibition that will be held starting this 23rd until 26th of July. Today i am posting the renovation activity that had been done at a client house. This renovation had been done by my uncle Rahman, he is a freehand designer for his own company that renovates office, houses and landscapes. Yes i always collaborate with him in designing interior and renovating houses, we always exchange ideas and doing research together for better and latest outcome. This previously single story house (now double story) is located in Petaling Jaya, i can say it is an old house since it was built at early 80's. This house had been done a major renovation! from zero to hero. It is not a corner lot house that's why this owner Mrs. Adibah needs to play with serious space management, and that's is uncle Rahman's expertise.To separate the extended hall into two section, uncle Rahman raised up the floor at about one and a half feet and the flooring is covered perfectly with wooden floor. This wooden floor area is for dining section, the wooden floor will absolutely changing our mood when stepping on it.The most favorite of me is the ceiling, different with normal plaster ceiling, he stylized the ceiling into a modern concept with down light at four of the corners and extra yellow lights that shadowing the upper side of the ceiling, that's cool.Now lets us take a look at the kitchen area. The idea is to play with black and red for this kitchen, as u can see the tile is already in black but the cabinet will be built in red, still not ready to be install yet. Below you can see the serving area that separating both kitchen and dining area, how i wish to show you guys when the cabinet is ready!This is the breakfast table, it was built connecting with the serving table, all in black tiles. And the flooring also designed following the steps to enter the kitchen area. This area is lower then the dining area, means that another two steps down.This bowl in the above picture as you can see is beside the serving table and facing the dining area. I love the water tap. Now let me bring you to the bathroom, just playing with black and white tiles, simply done and so nice.This is the shower area, it will be covered with glass door. Stepping in this area will forcing me stepping on the pebbles, while taking the shower the owner can step on the pebbles for foot massage, what a great idea.The white tiles on the side wall reflects at the big mirror enlighten the whole bathroom and makes the space looks bigger. Above is the picture of the master bedroom, located at the ground floor and perfectly colored in light warm grey. The owner likes the 3 pieces window that lowered down at almost reach the floor.The wooden door were painted in white, it is the main entrance for this room. And the white sliding fold door is the entrance to the bathroom. The materials chosen for this house is in high standard, even the switches are from the high quality specs.Now lets us go the upstairs! the stairs is finish in white tiles and the wall is painted yellowish orange.Even the stairs holder is built and covered with tilings.This is the upstairs bathroom, playing with red and black tiles.Now lets see the children's room. The cat fight between Adibah's two daughter choosing their favorite color for the room, makes both of the color is painted in this room! light pink and light purple.There you go the small space outside the bedroom area painted green as requested! The landscape is still an progress, the idea here is to make small Balineese style landscape playing with wood and terracotta. I cant wait to see this house done perfectly and really hope to get a chance to post it here. Anyway thanx for visiting here, i will always update this blog with more interesting materials, and hope to bring the best next for you guys! have a nice day!


July 23, 2009 at 2:07 AM Anonymous said...

cantek...sgt teruja with ur work done! cograt!

July 23, 2009 at 5:41 PM f c e n d v s y u said...

hye Wan..
thx for the compliments!

January 24, 2010 at 6:00 PM apamah thevy said...

Your uncle is so talented. Its so beautiful. I am trying to furnish my newly bought home and while checking to see the in thing in plaster ceiling I came across your blog. I think it's going to be beautiful once done. Cant wait to se:)


February 28, 2010 at 5:23 PM f c e n d v s y u said...

thx..hope ur home furnish well! thx for visiting my design blog!

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