Shanghai Shots

I was a representative for FELDA in the Malaysian Delegates for One Village One Product (OVOP) 2008 that was held in Changzhou province in China. Arrived in Shanghai International Airport takes about 2 hours departing from KLIA. At first i was thinking in mind, if i could visit or visualizing Chinese Arts and Design elements that would be a great experience for me in my designing perspective of view. Below is most favorite place in Shanghai named Nanjing Road.However the degates moved to another city name Changzhou, it takes about 4 hours with bus ride from Shanghai Pudong International Airport. China is a very big piece of land, every houses has their own huge compound for them to grow crops or anything. I can see that they live by farming to generates their economy.Proud to see Malaysian National Car 'Proton Gen2' billboard along the highway to Changzhou.Arriving Tianmu Lake Hotel in Tianmu province.Surprisingly this room is only for me, alone with two beds. Nice bedroom with five star accommodation.However the Tianmu Lake Hotel still maintain the craft elements, i found this classic wooden sofa set at the entrance of this hotel dining hall. Fine workmanship with high end quality finishing, i can't recognize what kind of wood that this settee made off.The tea served for us is a green leaf tea, as we all know that Chinese is well known in healthy meals.Below is the view of the Tianmu Lake Hotel in the night time.Then we find out some nice places to go shopping in the middle of the night at the town nearby. Armani imitation bags and others designers imitation product is just a lot there.Fashionable shoes and dress is quite good here.The next morning we visit some of the nice places in Changzhou city. In front of the hotel the delegates gather in the mist of cloudy scenery.China is one of the best in producing silk, the China Silk is very fine and this visit reminds me to Thailand Silk which i have visited the productions in Chiangmai before.As what i can see, China technology is different, the workmanship also not the same as Thai Silk. China is the most biggest silk producer in the world, they made it in a big scale using huge machine of producing silk and half of the finishing done by handmade.The cocoons.the below machine complete the silk threads process until printing the patterns of the silk. You can see the design roll below this machine as the woven process into silk fabric and directly roll down the design prints the silk. That was fast.The best part of the delegates! but not for me...Because i enjoy the Fashion Show of the Silk end products on the runaway.After all we had a great lunch at a Muslim restaurant named Beijiang.The Chinese Rock Garden is and art of landscaping. Like Indonesian, the Balinese style is a must in the trends of modern interior and landscapes, But today i found that Chinese also had their own identity in their interior and landscaping. In the modern way we can refer to Zen style of living which define a minimal way and styling interior design of Chinese concept living.Not just the rock garden, there are still a lot of buildings here still using the old Chinese building in a modern way.

Gosh they really like red as a symbol of wealthy.
From my overall perspective view, China is a great industrial country, Shanghai City really big comparing to Kuala Lumpur, their towers are thousands filling the land of Shanghai, the roads and highways were almost perfect that i can't even feel any hump or holes on the streets. But the people still maintain as basic as they can, they still producing their originality like their silk from their older generation. And it is getting bigger into a big industry, this growing energy that must be followed by us to keep our native arts and production like our Songket, we must have stronger capability in producing the Songket fabric. Other than that we must have the strenghness in supplying our products worldwide like China export tons of their fabric arround the world yearly. I guess that's all for today! till we meet up in another post! see u guys later!


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