Sculptures of Dubai and Abu Dhabi

 Unlimited Ideas and exploration of shapes and functions is the most satisfaction for a designer. This is what experienced by almost all architect in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. During my visit to UAE last february, I can see sculptures were build by engineers and architect  without any problems, they can explore as much as they wanted to. Any style and any design that I couldn't imagine before for a building to be build is almost at every where here in Dubai and Abu Dhabi!
 United Arab Emirates is a great place to go! For designers to explore in almost every field of designing, buildings, cars, interiors, fashion, and even designing a new development city.
 Above is a building standing in front of Dubai Mall which is very near to Burj Khalifa the tallest building in the world.
 Every building has it's own style.

 Above picture weres taken in Abu Dhabi.

 Below is Burj Dubai which created influence by a sailboat. Burj Dubai is located at the beach in Dubai. This great idea become another big attraction for Dubai.

 My camera couldn't catch all those mind blowing buildings as the traffic move quite fast.

 Below is the most fascinating sculpture of Dubai, Burj Khalifa, the world most tallest building. This building has been used in Mission Impossible series "Ghost Protocol". I didn't get the chance to get on the top of this great sculpture, probably will make it on my next visit to Dubai soon.