Welcome to Fcendvsyu Design!..
introducing myself as Fcendvsyu (its up to ur tounge to pronounce)..
currently working as a government designer..

whut do i do?
I'm designing everything like under the sun! ..from graphic works as book cover, backdrops, banners, buntings.. interiors designing for roadshows as booth and pavilions.. outlets deco and shop layouts (display artist).. and developing local handmade products using materials such as mengkuang/pandanus leaf, songket & tenun pahang (malay traditional fabric), pebbles, wood, and any materials that can be done into handmade products (product developer job)..

where do i come from?
My basic is a jewelry designer..and im really into jewelry designing!..i love to create and fabricating jewelry to be sell! most of my designs are modern jewelry..and my design will be based from the owner/buyer taste..i consult people that want to have their own special jewelry..that will never have in shops..and the most interesting..i can combine materials like songket + silver/metal = Songket Jewelry..now that's my own formula to be different in the market..

My intention is to share with u guys out there no matter that ur a designer or not..anything that i do and design!..hope u guys enjoy here and willing to share experience with me! yeahhoo!


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