The Bamboo Bathroom Set

Me and my crew Hafiz & Nazren, design and developed 'The Bamboo Bathroom Set' first when we started in December 2005. The idea came when we visited one of our craft production center in Lurah Bilut, Pahang. At that moment we never know that is not that easy in developing products. Not as simple as drawing on paper.

Above Picture shows a row of bamboos that leaned at the workshop wall

After years we discovered that a lot of elements have to be considered in developing handmade products especially when dealing with natural material as bamboo. Bamboo is a very sensitive material, it cant simply being used without any treatment that must be done to prevent termites.

Above picture shows one of the bamboo production worker cleaning a bamboo's skin using blades.
Is tricky when comes to combination of materials, bamboo+metal. The first step is to try and error all materials that had been collected. In mass prodduction we also have to think bout the parts supplier and pricing.

We decided to make soap dish, tissue holder, toothbrush holder, canister, and soap dispenser.
After almolst a year of research and development this prototype (unfinish product) came out.

Under: Rio Helmi, a photographer from indonesia snapping the bamboo products for the 'Modern Malaysian' handicraft book.
The final touch of the Bamboo Bathroom Set came with a wooden box, this item is suitable for gifts, however until now this product is still cant be sell, because after a year of testing, the product will be attack by termites, they will eat the inner side of the bamboo and the bamboo dust will came out from the product!. Thats a bad reputation for the producer/seller. In the meantime one of the designer Nazren just back from Oita Japan learned about bamboo and producing bamboo products. I really hope he could clear all the problems that occured.


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