Packaging For Traditional Cookies

Hye guys! Sorry for late updating my blog..last week my schedule was kinda tight, so i manage to update it tday! Latest of my work is re-packaging our lovely traditional cookies, these are the most favorite cookies among Malaysians (i guess so). The 'Rempeyek', 'Kuih Seri Bulan', and the 'Kuih Bakar'. After doing some research at almost all hypermarkets in arround Kuala Lumpur, hundreds of packaging of these cookies exist in the market. However 95% of them looks almost the same, its hard to differentiate all of it. Heres come a business guy from Perak that wanted me to design for him an outstanding label that differ from normal label of local cookies products. And his main objective is to put our local product at the same level of the international products.

In order to compete, i create this label for him and now the 'Kuih Seri Bulan' and 'Rempeyek Asli' is already in the market. What surprising me was the feedback, the sale increasing 200% from normal sales amount. Hope to hear good news again after launching this latest design of 'Kuih Bakar' packaging.


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