Designing Landscape For Prime Minister Visit

This coming 7th July 2009, our Prime Minister will visiting Felda Maokil to launch the 'Edible Garden' programme and at the same time launching the 'Felda Settlers Day'. This year concept is to highlight the garden that grows in every house compound.
'Edible Garden' is a garden that can be eat, the concept is to grow vegetables in house compound with garden and beautiful landscape.

The idea came up for me to combine other elements in this edible garden landscape. I manage to put a small polytank pond with wood covered in a small scale, to outcome natural feel in this landscape. I also draw a pergola to hang the crawing vege as cucumber and others.Every house had their own size of compound, not all are suitable for the standard format that i draw, so i done a custom layout for three special house that will be visit by our prime minister. Most of the houses have their own tree but with diffrent location, so i use those trees as their originality and create the landscape with it. Below area is the pathway that will be pass through by our prime minister, he will use this way to enter the main launching stage, so i design a walk through pergola for our minister to feel the real vegetables hangging and he must love to touch it!

Along the sideways, the whole block of houses (arround 9 houses) will built up a pergola gateway entrance. However every houses were planted with a minimal budget, and as usual a designer must create the best design with the minimal money usage!

Below: Me with a guy from Felda Engineering measuring the gateway pergola size.
This is some of my design that had been done as sample for settlers in the Felda Office in Trolak, I really hope that my design in Maokil for this coming 7th Julai will fullfill my eyes, and i will update u guys when the landscape done!


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