'Modern Rattan'

Nowadays rattan design is much different from yesterday. This is one of our latest design collection. Playing with modern colors is much fun to develop a craft products especially for rattan products. Rattan can easily being colored rather then other natural materials, mengkuang leave is also the same as rattan. It can be colored by using color pigment and boiling techniques. Picture below is one of our local rattan products manufacture in Felda Keratong 4, coloring his rattan.Before drying it under the sun as above, he is boiling the naked rattan. This process could take at about 4 hours untill the rattan colored well. If the coloring process done in less hours, the rattan color will not perform perfectly as the color spec, and the color durabality is not good, it will faded when open to sunlight.Below are some of the color specs that had been done, but sometime we also use natural rattan (without colored) as our products.This is a rattan fruitbasket, made in Keratong 4, which design by us last year. However this month the product had been given new color that more catchy.Below is one of the range of this rattan products set. It is a rattan basket, latest design using 'crazy weaving' techniques. Using the same color as the rattan fruitbasket.I was surprise by the way their finished this basket, the weaving techniques by using bamboo skin to cover the edge and corners of this basket really creative. As a designer i didnt learn in depth on the finishing part, the production always know better when it comes into the technical part. However design will come first before technically producing sample and products. This rattan fruitbasket is 2feet long and 13inch wide. And the rattan basket is 13inch square.

The rattan basket comes in two design which are with one handle and the other one had two handle. If you guys keen to have this items, u guys can reach me at fcendvsy@yahoo.com This product is limited and will only sell by order method, however you guys can request for the size and color that you like and we will try to match it as your request.


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