The 'Sirih Bowl'

Sirih is a leaves that being used for a long long time in Asia. Sirih leaves are consumed with betel nuts. They are used to counter the sharpness of betel nuts.
Vernacular names
The betel leaf is known as Paan in Urdu/Hindi, and Taambuul and Nagavalli in Sanskrit. Some of the names in the regions in which it is consumed are: Vetrilai Tamil,Tamalapaku Telugu, Vidyache pan Marathi, veeleya/vilya Kannada, Vettila Malayalam, Plū Mon, Malus Tetum, Maluu Khmer, Plue Thai, Malus Tetum, Bulath Sinhalese, Malu Tokodede, Bileiy Divehi, bulung samat Kapampangan language, daun sirih Malay language, Papulu Chamorro and Trầu Vietnamese. In Malaysia they are used to treat headaches, arthritis and joint pain. In the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and China they are used to relieve toothache. In the Philippines, they are used specifically as a stimulant. In Indonesia they are drunk as an infusion and used as an antibiotic. They are also used in an infusion to cure indigestion, as a topical cure for constipation, as a decongestant and as an aid to lactation

Sirih also had been used in Malaysia as a tradition in wedding ceremony. Sirih decoration is a must in wedding gifts for the ceremony.
From the Sirih leaves, influence me to create 'The Sirih Bowl'. This is a glass bowl that covered with brass metal frame with sirih leaves design.
The brass metal part is made by a metal crafter in Felda. It takes several weeks for him to realizing my design, however it can produce more quantities after doing this sample of products.

This 'Sirih Bowl' can be touch up a little bit by plating it either in silver or gold.

I will send it to plating and futher the design range to other related products as tissue holder and others. Will update you guys soon!


June 16, 2009 at 3:36 AM aidan said...

nice one bro....really nice

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